Our Team

Our Team




Helle Funch Nielsen

Helle has broad experience from pharmaceutical industry where she has worked with human asthma products, allergy products and dermatology products.
In 2001 Helle left to set up Equine Healthcare ApS to develop the world leading inhalation device for asthma treatment in horses. Later she developed a second device for horses, a Nebuliser, launched to market end of 2008.
In 2003 Helle founded Exhalation Technology Ltd with the purpose of developing a device to screen for inflammatory conditions in the airways of horses. In 2006/2007 the scope of Exhalation Technology was extended to also include humans. Today the main focus of Exhalation Technology is in humans.
Prior to her start-ups Helle has experience working for Fisons Pharmaceuticals (1991-94), Fisons/Rhone Poulenc Rorer (1994-99), for Alcon (1999-2000) and for Galderma Products (2000-01).

Director Strategy


Business Development

Stig Lytke Brejl

Stig has been with Exhalation Technology since 2012. His focus has been on strategy development and implementation, but during his years at Exhalation Technology he has also gained substantial insight in and practical experience with MedTech product development, quality assurance and regulatory approval. In parallel to his job at Exhalation Technology, Stig has assumed the role as Chairman of the Board at OSAA Innovation, a small Danish start-up developing a mobile solution for IV-therapy. Stig holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering as well as a business degree from the Copenhagen Business School. Stig has almost 35 years of professional experience, holding management positions in different companies. Prior to joining Exhalation Technology, Stig worked as an international Management Consultant serving multiple clients across various industries.

Marketing Manager

Erica Carcano

Erica has been working for Exhalation Technology for almost two years. She is employed both in the human and equine business sales force. In particular, she takes care of all the marketing activities in both fields and she is strictly involved in the scientific background researches as well. She has a master degree in International Management from the Catholic University in Milan (Italy) and a high school diploma as Environmental Chemist Technician. She has previously worked in a phytotherapic industry in Italy. She speaks three languages: Italian, English and Chinese.


Trevor Bourke

Trevor has been working with Exhalation Technology since 2009, having experience with large ‘Blue Chip’ organizations in both pharmaceutical and device markets, in the USA and Europe. More recently Trevor has focused on start-up companies in the device/diagnostic arena.
A manager with documented success in these fields, he brings to Exhalation Technology specific and related knowledge to support the launch, plus sales and marketing elements from his experience with Eli Lilly, Pharmacia and Aerocrine.

Consultant Finance Director

Martyn Pitman

Martyn has been working with Exhalation Technology as a consultant finance director for the last four years through our contract with the FD & CFO Centre, the world’s leading supplier of portfolio FD services. Before joining us, he was the Commercial FD at Moorfields Eye Hospital. Martyn has a track record of leading rapid and sustained growth in turnover and, more importantly, profits by analysing opportunities, developing management information systems, controlling costs and imposing strong financial discipline. He previously served in the RAF before qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with a Big Four firm, first in London and then in Ottawa, Canada.

Senior Director,

Business Development

David Tucker

David comes to Exhalation Technology with more than 25 years of demonstrated success in Medical sales, sales management and business development experience. Most recently he has been consulting with several start-up medical device companies in the respiratory device space. Prior to that he worked more than 10 years with Aerocrine helping to establish the NIOX FeNO device a the gold standard in respiratory drug development research programs.